Cannabis seeds in your nutrition food, or Pilchard's Vegan Caviar
It is well known that cannabis is one of the Pilchard's Crew's favourite stimulants. Most readers of this text probably know that the plant’s seeds can also be used for collecting and other exciting things. Today, however, we will turn our attention to another exciting side of our favourite plant - hemp as food. 
Eating Cannabis Sativa L., especially its seeds, provides the human body with different, higtanthly fibre and nutrients. Experiments have shown that humans could live exclusively on hemp seeds for up to three months before serious deficiency symptoms appear. This is why:

5 reasons, why you should eat cannabis seeds

  1. Hemp seeds are protein bombs
  2. Rich in omega-oils, vitamins, minerals (e.g. magnesium, potassium and phosphorus), amino acids
  3. Low in unsaturated fats and acids
  4. Good for your immune system, they reduce the risk of heart disease and blood pressure problems
  5. Mild, nutty flavour is easy to incorporate into a variety of dishes

    How to incorporate hemp seeds into your diet?

    So if, for some inexplicable reason, you find yourself too lazy to cook - don't you worry. A handful of cannabis caviar will keep you going. But since we're friends of upscale cooking in principle, here are a few more creative ideas for the composition of hemp seeds and other healthy ingredients:


    5 ideas, how to incorporate hemp seeds into your diet

    • Cold-pressed hemp seed oil: No overpriced CBD oil with tiny, homeopathic amounts of hemp. We mean simple, cold-pressed hemp seed oil, perfect for salads, smoothies or simply as a bread dip with a little salt.
    • Drinking hemp seed milk: Unfortunately still a bit more expensive, but very healthy and tasty - sometimes difficult to find. It's best to ask at your local organic market.
    • As gluten-free flour: If you want to bake doughs, biscuits, pizzas and pancakes, you can also use hemp seed flour.
    • As a snack, best roasted and with a little vanilla, sugar and cinnamon added.
    • Roasted or unroasted on yoghurt or in muesli

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