How to Store your Cannabis Seeds

When we spend money on quality seeds, obviously we expect quality results. Since the long-term quality of genetics depends very much on storage, this narrow aspect is one essential part of cannabis cultivation. Only a few tips and tricks help to make your favorite strain durable for years to come, without having to accept any loss in quality.


Are cannabis seeds sensitive?

Yes and no. In nature, cannabis seeds are strong and long-lasting. Their hard shell protects them from winter weather and other threats. Furthermore, nature generates itself another advantage simply by throwing out diverse seeds at the same place. Germination rate does not matter in such an environment. If one bean does not pop, that does not matter given the mass of sister and brother plants all around. Due to a lack in space, most home gardens look totally different though. Here, cultivators work with craft genetics that get tricked into flowering stage much earlier than they would in nature. In such an artificial environment, each seed’s quality needs to be outstanding. In order to achieve and preserve such a result, one needs to tread and store each seed with utmost care. Too much pressure, rolling around losely, heat, light, and humidity are only some of the threats for seeds. Every collector of cannabis seeds needs to be aware of these threats in order to take measures of prevention.

How do you store cannabis seeds correctly? 

--> Dry
--> Dark
--> In a stable temperature between 5-6 degrees Celcius (41-43F)
--> Avoid skin contact - wear gloves


How long can your store cannabis seeds?

For storage, use a light-tight container that keeps your feminized or regular seeds dry. Put it into your fridge and keep it there. The more stable you keep this environment, the better for your beans. If your treat them with some care, you will be able to grow them after legalization for sure, at least five years are no problem. Our co-founder Sebi for example has managed to pop some seeds after twelve years of storage. Took a bit longer than usually, but worked.

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