Collaboration between Pilchard's Caviar and Grandma's Genetics

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Good things take time - a statement that perfectly describes a major problem of cannabis breeding. Much too often, new cannabis strains are released long before they are ready for the market. Naturally, a few weeks pass before the home gardener can realize that their so-called quality product does not have much positive to offer besides a nice name. The salesman in the local grow shop can praise the quality of the product as much as he likes - if genetics do not deliver what they promise, chaos will follow. Very often, growers wish for the good old quality of the past. From the days when varieties were still stable and reliable. When you felt a real tingling in your fingers when harvest was just around the corner.

This problem was and is one of the main reasons why we started Pilchard's Caviar. However, soon, we had to realize that solving the problem is not easy. Only very few genetics meet our own quality standards and make it into a closer selection of potential new strains for Pilchard’s Caviar. After almost two years of working on Pilchard's Caviar, we have finally found a team of growers that share our perception on quality and who’s products we are happy to distribute - Grandma's Genetics. 


Who is Grandma's Genetics?

Grandma's Genetics is a European collective of cannabis growers and friends of the plant. The team’s goal is to breed outstanding cannabis genetics with a level of quality as if they came straight from grandma's garden. Collective of cannabis friends - outstanding genetics - we’ve heard that before. Indeed, the overlap between Pilchard's Caviar and Grandma's Genetics is obvious. We've known the guys and girls around Grandma's for a few years now and we like to help each other out. Another thing Grandma's has in common with Pilchard's - a solid and honest approach to cannabis. We don't work here primarily to participate in the Green Rush, but because we are passionate about the plant and love working on it.

Why do Pilchard's Caviar and Grandma's Genetics work together?

First and foremost, because we love collaboration. Collaborating with cool people is one of the main reasons why we started Pilchard's Caviar. We enjoy getting cool projects off the ground with our friends and moving forward together. The collabo with Grandma is a great example of how this works for us. Competitors at first glance, we all realized early on that everyone can only benefit if we pull together. Thus, we advise each other, help each other in times of need and work together towards the realization of our dreams. So it's only logical to go out and offer our products together. 

Another reason for our collaboration is to encourage more people to breed. Yes, cannabis cultivation is an art - but it is no rocket science. Anyone can learn this art, given you take the time, learn a lot, and have good starting genetics. To do this, you need regular seeds, and at Pilchard's we only offer one of those genetics so far. Regular genetics, however, are Grandma's specialty - so who would be better suitable for a collabo than Grandma's Genetics?

The Pilchard's Potcast together with @Stoner.Bazaar from Grandma's Genetics

You can get more background on the people behind Grandma's on the Pilchard's Potcast. Grandma's co-founder @Stoner.Bazaar so kind to answer Sebi's and Lukas' questions for half an hour. You can find the episode here.


Limited collabo edition - here you can buy the hand-selected seeds

If you are already as excited for these delicacies as we are, then go straight to the variety selection here. This is your chance to get a limited selection of the finest Pilchard's Caviar together with Grandma's finest genetics. Each variety is limited to 50 packages, so grab it while supplies are availbale.

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