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Pilchard’s knows about our crew’s demand for privacy. No shipment contains any Pilchard’s branding or any other relation to cannabis on the outside. From the outside, our packages are just random cardboard boxes. The box contains our products. Pilchard’s seeds come inside a golden sardine can of 200 ml (7 OZ). Inside the can, there is a little glass bottle with the seeds inside. The can comes inside a small carton parcel. If you want your seeds to get shipped even more discreetly, we can send them to you without the can. In order to prevent theft of the product, the seeds will be hidden inside a t-shirt or other cloth. Thus, this option will allow you to order seeds as discreetly as possible.


Standard: FREE (usually 1 business day)

Express: 9,90€ (delivery before 1pm)


Standard: FREE

Express: 39,90€

Free express shipping for orders over 300€.


Standard: 9,90€

Express: 39,90€

Free Shipping available for orders above 100€ (for Express 300€).