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Acid Orange 🤝 Princess Cinderella Tortuga the 99th


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Grandma's Genetics® x Pilchard's Caviar Bundle

A rare opportunity for every passionate seed collector and connaisseur. Pilchard's Caviar and Grandma's Genetics put together some of their finest strains available. The bundle edition is available only on the Pilchard's Caviar website. This is your chance to get some of the best Grandma's Genetics regular seeds combined with the finest Pilchard's Caviar feminized seeds.

Acid Orange



Flowering Type



Tangie #9 (California Orange Skunk x Skunk #1) (mother) x Critical Kush (Mr. Nice x OG Kush) (father)





Flowering Time Indoor

58 - 62 days

Flowering Time Outdoor





Sweet Hazy Orange, Sour Orange


Euphoric, Energizing, Uplifiting, Focused



Who are the parents of Acid Orange regular seeds?

The genetic lineage of Acid Orange is based on a terpene-rich Tangie #9 and a Critical Kush. The Tangie mother gave Acid Orange much of its terpene profile, the Critical Kush provides the very stable characteristics of the father. By combining both, Grandma’s Genetics has created a genetic trait that will impress you with its taste, similar to good old Haze strains from back in the day with that special hint of Orange. Acid Orange comes as a regular seed and can be used for breeding programs. 

What effects will I feel after consuming the Acid Orange strain?

Due to its fruity terpene profile that reminds most consumers of old-fashioned Sativa genetics, most who try Acid Orange describe an uplifting and energizing effect that often comes along with a euphoria push. For us, micro-dosing works very well in a working environment with Acid Orange - so get ready for some creativity push and enjoy the ride.

What smell and flavor can I expect from Acid Orange flowers?

The Tangie mother gave most of its fruity terpene profile to her children. You can expect a sour smell that reminds us of oranges freshly taken off the tree. The best way to consume Acid Orange will be the vaporizer, since this method allows for the perfect harnessing of all these fresh and fruity terps. 

What average height does Acid Orange regular seed grow?

The average height will depend on the duration of vegetative growth one grants the plant. After the introduction of a 12-hour lighting schedule, you should anticipate a stretch of 200%. Thus, if you are an indoor farmer, better don’t wait too long with changing the lights.  

How long does a cycle from seed to harvest take with Acid Orange regular seeds?

The duration of a full cycle depends on the number of days in the vegetative phase. Once the flowering stage has been initiated, the rest of the cycle will take approximately 58-62 days. Thus, a full cycle can be completed in three months. Outdoors, harvest can be expected from mid-October.

Where can I see pictures of Acid Orange flowers?

Besides our website, the Grandma’s Genetics website and their Instagram account will provide you with further pictures of Acid Orange. Check those places out to get an even better impression of this fantastic genetic and its breeders.

Where can I buy Acid Orange regular seeds?

It is a great pleasure for us at Pilchard’s Caviar, to be one of the only points of sales for this genetics. You can buy Acid Orange here on the Pilchard’s Caviar website. We combined this outstanding genetic with our Princess Cinderella the 99th in one bundle - thus, you will receive two high-quality strains with a strong fruity scent each. 

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8 Seeds (6xGAO + 2xPP)
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Acid Orange 🤝 Princess Cinderella Tortuga the 99th

Acid Orange 🤝 Princess Cinderella Tortuga the 99th

8 Seeds (6xGAO + 2xPP)